Strategy, Innovation, Business Transformation


Strategy, Innovation and Transformation

Here’s where a future defined by excellence begins. Where your vision, mission and strategy are founded for the years to come.

From revenue streams to organization structure, financial plan to marketing activation, it’s here that we can create your hotel’s business case – through positive change, fresh ideas and far-sighted sustainability.


Our Insights


Performance Health Check

Beginning from the ground up, we analyze your current performance.

The EHL Pulse-Taker is our proprietary online tool that helps you assess your organizations’ current health and pinpoint areas where improvements can be made.

Seizing Opportunities

To fine-tune your hospitality strategy, you need to have a clear 360° view of the market, the opportunities it presents and what you can do about it.

We do market research that analyzes industry developments and consumer trends, which can then help to shape your vision or transformation aims. We can use the intelligence gathered to explore future possibilities, their potential returns, and conduct SWOT analysis.


Optimizing Your Assets

Part of progressing is optimizing what you already have. We help you understand your current strengths and weaknesses and identify the right route forward, by assessing your portfolio in every detail.

Our experts look at overall operations, budgeting, forecasting, compliance issues, how best to protect your assets, capital expenditure and investment. We help you make the right choices for furniture, fixtures and fittings, and ensure that your strategy fits seamlessly both with your team and the market.

Start With
a Strong Concept

The roots of future success and service excellence grow from a sound concept.

EHL Advisory Services has a depth of experience in developing hotel and restaurant concepts, shaped by 60 years of hospitality consulting missions around the world. We begin by gaining a sense of your DNA as an operator – your true identity and scope. What is your customer profile and what, ultimately, is the guest experience that you wish to deliver? Going deeper, we lay out the customer journey – the story of their experience. And we evaluate the flow and function of your offer, examining all the details. Fundamentally, we are seeking a unique selling proposition to help you shine in a crowded marketplace.


They Trust Us With Their Projects

We have helped them set new benchmarks and grow their business with tailor-made services. Browse some of our clients and learn more about the projects we brought to life together.