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Excellence Personified

In a world of uncertainty, rapid change and all-encompassing automation, true human empathy has never been more important.

Times like these need exceptional, innovative solutions, driven and shaped by individuality, expertise and experience. And this is the very essence of our approach.


EHL Advisory Services provides uniquely tailored services for hospitality, education and business development.

A Swiss company with a 125-year history and 500 clients across more than 60 countries, we harness the knowledge of the world’s leading hospitality management university to support your business for future growth.


125-year history


500+ clients


Across more than
60+ countries


Our Worldwide Experts

Drawing on a network of international alumni, academic experts and peerless professionals, we provide a very human, responsive and intuitive level of consultancy, balancing intelligence and empathy to deliver an inspiring, individually crafted advisory service: think of it as excellence personified.

A Word From
Our Director

"Today’s modern world is packed with global challenges. Sometimes it can seem as though there are too many – from the climate crisis, inequalities, unemployment, security, lack of education, technological advancements, scarcity of resources, global logistical nightmares…

Where do we even start? Which issues are the most urgent? And can our business thrive while making a contribution?

It is not as simple as consuming less resources while delivering more value. To be successful, businesses and governments must deliver better quality of life… which demands that the human be put back at the center of all our decisions.

One industry sees human centricity as its lifeblood: hospitality.

Human centricity in hospitality goes far beyond great customer service, it starts with designing living spaces, facilitating public-private cooperation in the education and corporate sector to revive cities and regions rethinking destinations, redefining service offering and quality, achieving business excellence, staff satisfaction, customer engagement.

At EHL, the world’s reference in hospitality education, our Advisory Services consultants have supported many private and public stakeholders in adopting a hospitality lens to drive their projects.

The impact we have witnessed reaches far beyond better market attractiveness, higher user satisfaction, or sustainability: the hospitality lens fosters positive change and inspires us to rethink the way we live, work, play and make investment decisions."

André Mack
Managing Director a.i at EHL Advisory Services




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