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We aim to provide our clients with business-centric insights and recommendations to address their specific challenges.

Our Insights


Learning Center Development & Certification

For schools, governments and all investors in education and training, we provide consultancy services and training based on the expertise of the world's most renowned hospitality management school.

With a progressive, Swiss approach to quality hospitality education, we guide our clients with their digital transformation and strategic needs.

For new and existing learning centers around the world looking to enhance their academic quality and business performance, we provide consulting service ranging from opportunity analyses, curriculum design to hiring and training faculty.

Customer Experience

Service demands a 360° approach that helps your staff interact with attention to detail and empathy, putting customers at the heart of every decision.

We harness the potential of your best resource – your people, and we give you the tools to maintain a definitive service culture. This way, you’ll attract a steady stream of new customers and retain them for many years. 


We have designed a three-step implementation process:


We establish service excellence at the very core of your brand strategy and help shape your tactical plans around it.


Through education, training and support, we create awareness and develop a customer orientation mindset in your people in every discipline and at every level.


We help you to activate and implement your service. Becoming a clear first choice company for customers.

Strategy, Innovation, Business Transformation

The purpose of transformation today is to unlock new opportunities, drive new growth, and create new efficiencies in a world of disruption and market volatility.

Transformations require you to rethink the way your company creates value today and tomorrow.

In today's exponentially disrupted business environment, incremental improvement is not enough. Faced with constant disruption, we assist your organization with these transformations to achieve sustained growth through agile reinvention and human centricity.

Operational Performance

As volatility and complexity increase, companies must transform to remain competitive, achieve operational excellence and drive business growth.

But transformation involves more than just defining and announcing a new strategy. It requires comprehensive change in the entire organization from end-to-end, including optimizing people, processes & assets.

We fuel our clients’ growth by identifying people in their organization who have the right attitude to drive process excellence. We grow their competencies and skills so that in turn they can lead the change and infuse their mindset throughout the company. 

We design with our clients the operational processes that will deliver the highest value to their customers and assist them during the implementation. 

Lastly, we measure the efficiency and value-added of each process, in association with customer satisfaction and general business performance. This allows our clients to evaluate the outcomes and continuously adapt them to meet their company’s e objectives.




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