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Education Industry

Education systems around the world recently had to face sporadic closures, unequal access to technology and other distance learning tools, and serious challenges in maintaining physical and mental health of students and teachers.

The pandemic has precipitated many abrupt changes, but it has also fostered promising new innovations and increased attention on the field of global education.

The years ahead can result in an education transformation that will benefit students, teachers, and families - it is up to all of us to seize the opportunity.

Hospitality Industry

The pandemic and ensuing economic downturn have had a significant impact on hospitality these past years. Some innovative responses,  to entice patrons back into food and beverage outlets and reassure holiday goers that it is indeed safe to enjoy a hotel stay, have accelerated existing hospitality industry trends and triggered lasting change. 

Meanwhile, there has been a shift in society, partly due to changing consumer values. An increased consumer awareness of all things sustainable, purposeful and health & well-being has set new benchmarks for hospitality enterprises. While hygiene protocols and contactless technologies are now expected by consumers and firmly embedded in the daily activities of hospitality businesses, new ways of enjoying hotels, such as staycations, are gaining popularity. 

It’s our mission to accompany our client through these changes to ensure their prosperity and growth.


Healthcare Systems & Services Industry

Healthcare is one of the most sensitive industries that touches us in almost all possible ways, emotionally, physically, mentally, and economically. As a result, the impact of the new economy and technology on healthcare requires immediate attention.

The Healthcare sector transformation presents challenges ranging from embracing the digital revolution in healthcare with the usage of connected medical devices and AI-integrated software applications, managing, staffing shortages and training, to meeting patients expectations with new experiences. Successful healthcare companies will need to use a common thread across their organizations, their strategies and operations: putting the patients and their families at the center.


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Luxury Industry

Though global sales of luxury goods made a full recovery to pre-pandemic levels, the industry will need to continuously adapt and solidify their positions in a changed world.

From pricing strategies, ownership of supply chains, positioning versus a growing secondhand market to sustainability challenges and digitalization, luxury brands will need to get even closer to their consumer and unceasingly readjust to their new behaviors and needs.


Automotive & Mobility Industry

The automotive, mobility, and transportation industry needs to embrace transformation to drive resilience and innovation. We can count consumer preferences, technology, supply chain challenges, sustainability, and regulation among the many changing dimensions the industry is facing.

All of them require significant re-thinking of existing industry processes and structures.

At the center of each successful transformation, there is a deep understanding of the client's behavior and preferences - be them private, corporate or governments.