Customer Experience


Experience is Everything

Defined and shaped by Swiss education know-how, we educate and train your teams to deliver a customer experience that inspires people, surpasses their expectations and brings them back to your business time and again.

Our Insights


Mapping and Design

We create a foundation and a route map for perfecting your customer experience strategy. Beginning by defining your story and what you wish to convey, we improve the quality and value of your service in every facet, generating a culture of innovation. To ensure that everything works as it should, we establish KPIs from the start.

Defining and Deploying Excellence

It’s really important to establish the markers of excellence in your organization.

Together we can define your core mission and values and your operational procedures. And, through education, we can ensure that HR, staff and management all have a firm grasp of these definitions – and how to deploy them every day. To make certain everything and everyone is working together, we can then assess and measure the quality of service.


Activating Excellence

To make sure that your customer experience aims are realized in every interaction, we use an excellence activation model.

Essentially, this is built around hard skills based training designed to align with your company’s values and service levels, and implement your service culture. This is then carefully documented and evaluated. And where progress and achievement is clear, it is rightly and properly celebrated.

The Promise

Everyone in the customer experience relationship should understand your core objectives and share in their successful achievement - define your goals and communicate them to your customers.

Establish the look and feel; explain how you will deliver the service. Make your standards of operation clear, highlight employees and their individual skills, and provide stakeholders with objective documentation.


Training to Deliver The Experience

Our training programs and approaches are thorough and effective.

We want to perfect your teams’ skills in hospitality etiquette, self-management, cultural awareness and a host of other important factors. Through vocational hard skills training, we can help them to understand, communicate and deliver customer service excellence and be proud ambassadors for your brand.


Measuring Success

We are part of your team. We see what’s working and what needs work from the inside.

To make certain of success, we use mystery shopping, effectiveness measurements, analysis and detailed follow-up exercises. The objective is to make 100% sure that your plan of action is out there and working, and to move your organization on to the next stage of excellence…


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