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For schools, governments and all investors in education and training, we provide consultancy services and training.

From guidance on digital transformation to defining your core strategy. From creating your curriculum to hiring talents who are able to deliver it.


Our Insights


Digital Transformation

In a changing world, educational organizations need to keep pace even more than any other businesses.

The pandemic only served to intensify the importance of integrating new technologies in teaching practices. Those that embrace this process best will rise above the rest. EHL Advisory Services equips you to face this global shift, and a good place to begin is our Digital Transformation Toolkit.


Vocational Excellence

VET by EHL is a complete and easily accessible education and training package, designed for hospitality professionals who can rise to a management position at their own pace.

Under a licensing model, we provide you with the opportunity to deliver true ‘plug and play’ hospitality programs and deliver EHL approved professional diplomas.

Scalable, affordable and inspiring for students, VET by EHL is based on the Swiss Competency Framework – an education model regarded as one of the best in the world.


Fine-Tuned Curriculum

We believe that excellence demands the perfect blend of soft and hard skills. Finding and fine-tuning this balance is critical to producing fully formed, employable graduates.

Underpinning our approach is a wide network of industry partners. It means that your students benefit from valuable contact with the finest hospitality professionals. This enriches their learning, immersing them in the best of our industry before they graduate.


Facilitation Skills Online Training

Facilitation is the core of intellectual stimulation and the learner’s development of competencies.

The course aims at providing you with a distinct methodology, a set of competencies and a shift in mind-set to help you succeed in the challenging task of “facilitating the own learning and development of their participants”.

Expert Assessments

To ensure that your center of learning is on track, we provide Educational Project Assessments.

From the detailed collection of stakeholder feedback, the analysis of regional and local industries, we identify the hospitality education needs in your market and make recommendations for the most useful initiatives. From insights gained during our visit, we will provide you with a list of proposals that can clearly highlight your best route forward.

Student-Centric Learning Self-Assessment

In the very near future, student-centricity will be the key differentiator for successful education offers, so to help ensure that you’re developing in the right direction, we also offer free self-assessment. It takes a few minutes, but can help to benchmark your organization against standards created by our senior consultants.

Inclusive Learning Self-Assessment

In order to prepare the new generation of lifelong learners, improving teaching practices alone will not be enough. As educators, we must design schools, classrooms, programs, and activities in such a way that all students learn together and can participate.

By promoting inclusive education, we mean that we strive to meet the diverse needs of all students in a way that is respectful, accepting and supportive. 

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