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Oleksii Kapichin

 Oleksii Kapichin

Oleksii Kapichin


United States

Short Bio

Oleksii's experience includes hotel operations, finances, and revenue management. He develops and executes strategies that maximize hotel profitability and asset value. Oleksii Kapichin is a hospitality industry professional and revenue management expert. His hotel management background includes comprehensive operational (Front Office, Spa, Guest Services), financial, and revenue management experience. Oleksii holds a master's degree in hospitality management from EHL. He is passionate about helping hotels maximize total revenue using profit-focused, guest-centric, personalized, and innovative strategies. Oleksii is a founder of hotelrevenueinsights.com, a professional hospitality industry blog focused on revenue management, marketing, distribution, branding, and strategy.


Revenue management / Distribution; Valuations; Coaching; Training; Concept development; Sales and marketing

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