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Natasha Robertson

 Natasha Robertson

Natasha Robertson



Short Bio

Co-founder of several ultra luxury companies active in mountain hospitality solutions, Natasha specializes in creating unique guest experiences and new hospitality concepts from inception to success. Natasha Robertson is an experienced Hospitality Entrepreneur who over the last 15 years has brought a stable of 3 brands to the Luxury and uItra-Luxury ski market, creating a whole new market in that segment. As co-founder of a well established and extremely successful business entreprise, she disrupted the traditional business models in her industry. Natasha has honed her people and communications skills to develop new customer experiences and staff training blueprints for the modern guest. She offers unique insights into start-up and operations of the serviced private rentals market. Natasha’s grounding in advertising at Saatchi and Saatchi fine-tuned her marketing skills and ensured her creative approach to all aspects of the business. She can help with concept development, marketing strategy and team coaching. Natasha has an infectious passion for the teams she works with, finding the spark to inspire change and making meaningful connections to develop loyalty.


Coaching; Training; Concept development; Sales and marketing

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