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Marina Laurent

 Marina Laurent

Marina Laurent



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Marina Laurent is dedicated to advance sustainability in the hospitality industry using a Regenerative approach to transform people and organizations from the inside-out. Marina has been working as a successful legal consultant for organizations of all sizes for several years. As she gained various insights into the growing ecological, socio-cultural, and spiritual divides and our current economic and societal models' inability to address them, she decided it was time to act. Following her passion for wellness, travel, and sustainability, she obtained an Executive MBA from the Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) where she dedicated her thesis to "Regenerative Development: A framework for evolving sustainability in the hospitality industry" before specializing in Regenerative Leadership. She recently founded REGEN – Regenerative Hospitality Solutions, a consulting firm dedicated to harnessing the tourism industry's power to act as a catalyst for sustainable change through a new leadership approach while offering solutions to support industry recovery.


Coaching; Training; Concept development; Sales and marketing; Mood creation

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