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Jochen De Peuter-Rutten

 Jochen De Peuter-Rutten

Jochen De Peuter-Rutten



Short Bio

Jochen puts the customer at the center of his approach. He is convinced that digital transformation, constant innovation, employee education and customer focus are fundamentals for a successful business.​ In his role as Consultant, Jochen commits with efficient use of resources and well-determined actions significant added value for the client and therefore a positive return on investment for the business. Prior to joining EHL Advisory, Jochen worked in the online hotel distribution and hotel technology industry. He has proven outstanding results in customer acquisition, business development and relationship management across various markets in Europe. Jochen operated in demanding and fast evolving work environments which helped him to constantly innovate in order to stay ahead of competition.​ Jochen regularly publishes articles in the hospitality community regarding hotel performance and service excellence.


Business Development; Hotel Technology & Online Distribution; Concept & Service Experience Design; Market studies; Performance analysis

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