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Jens-Henning Peters

 Jens-Henning Peters

Jens-Henning Peters



Short Bio

Jens-Henning is the Head of Vocational Education and Training by EHL, a skill training licensing model for the hospitality industry. In his role he focuses on Business and Product development, bringing this new-frontier product for EHL into the world. In the past 15 years, Jens-Henning has worked on a variety of projects in over 20 countries, expanding and sharing his expertise in hospitality, education management, service excellence, sustainability and innovation. His professional experience enables him to empathically lead diverse teams, create, implement and grow new business models, products and markets. He is also the Sustainability Delegate for EHL Advisory Services to the EHL Group. Alumni of EHL, he also holds a Federal Diploma as Management Assistant in Hotel and Hospitality from the German Chamber of Industry and Commerce.


Business Development; Entrepreneurship; Strategy Consulting; Hospitality and Education Management Consulting; Sustainability

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