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 Frédéric Abrassart

Frédéric Abrassart



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Frédéric Abrassart, an engineer by education, is strongly experienced with over 25 years in hotels construction & refurbishment in over 50 countries with private operators or international groups. During his intense career, Frédéric Abrassart had the opportunities to work on the different sides of a hotel project: Project Manager, Owner and Operator representative. He always played a key role in the steering of the designers and the coordination of the various stakeholders. His extensive knowledge of international standards as well as hotel operations ensured the realization of good quality products, safe, effective and efficient to accommodate an international clientele. Beside the construction aspect, Frederic also served as VP Engineering EMEA for a major operator where he oversaw the Operations and Capex of numerous properties. His vast experience also includes valuation and assistance with the acquisition of various properties across Europe and Africa.


Facility management; Technical services; Architecture

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