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We offer local support, knowledge and expertise wherever you live. Our Independent Consultancy Network, partner schools and learning centers are part of a constantly growing community with global ambitions and individual focus.


A Culture of Excellence.

Service demands a 360° approach that helps your staff interact with attention to detail and empathy, putting customers at the heart of every decision.

EHL Advisory Services

In such uncertain times, we have never needed so much human empathy. People and companies are facing the unexpected, requiring unprecedented solutions. While for years, consulting behemoth made us believe that standardized processes and one-size-fits-all methodologies could solve any kind of issues.

At EHL Advisory Services, we believe in tailor-made answers that fit your needs.

We believe that excellence can only be achieved when blending seamlessly human intelligence with empathy.

Based on 125 years of hospitality experience, we assemble our knowledge with our global network of alumni, academic experts and professionals to craft a personal guidance.

EHL Advisory Services, manufacturing excellence.

They Trust Us With Our Projects

We have helped them set new benchmarks and grow their business with tailor-made services.

Browse some of our clients and learn more about the projects we brought to life together.

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