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The Sino-Suisse Hotel Management Conference (SSHMC) was organized in Beijing on September 6th 2017. Lausanne Hospitality Consulting (LHC) was invited by Switzerland Tourism to deliver one of the key-note speeches. Topic of the speech was: “Talent Development in the 21st Century” :

  • General impact on all types of Industry
  • Changes on job-types and skills needed at the workplace by 2010
  • Defining the future talents in the world of hospitality

The Opening Ceremony of the Conference took place in the presence of the Ambassador of Switzerland to China, Mr. Jean-Jacques de Dardel.

Approximately 300 hospitality professionals attended the event.

The Master of Ceremony during part of the sessions was Mr. GAO Songtao, President of both the Beijing Hospitality Institute and the Hospitality Institute of Sanya and Vice President of the China Tourist Hotel Association.