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In our younger days, there seem to be countless tomorrows.  We feel that life owes us because we are young.  However, as we get older, we step into the face of scarcity and start telling ourselves : “I must not work so long hours, I need to pace myself and slow down”. We start making demands for the need of a more balanced life. We start thinking on issues like: “I must eat well, I must exercise regularly, I must ensure I have enough rest to be stronger, more energized and live a longer life”. More importantly, we start demanding to carve out quality time for our loved ones, and ourselves. Nonetheless, self-care should not just be for those seasoned professionals, but should be a culture shift for the entire workforce.

Turnover is a constant occurrence for many organizations, and staff retention is a topic Human Resources grapple with on a daily basis. For instance, a recent survey by professional networking site LinkedIn found that employees in China’s internet industry stay an average of 2.5 years in a same company, far shorter than in other industries.  China internet industry overall have a high turnover rate, particularly in engineering, sales and technical divisions where employees spend only 2.2 years on average at the same job.  (Source by TechNews).  Another trend on the rise is mental health needs in the workforce. China Daily, 2916-11-28 reported that 100 million people suffer from depression in China.  Out of those people, 16 million are believed to be severely affected by their working conditions. These issues are not new and apply across all industries, but in our increasingly demanding society, they are surfacing rapidly to the top and we must find solutions to address and curb them.

In any industry, Human Capital is the most important component as it directly affects organization’s growth, performance and success. Hence, we can no longer be productive and progress if we choose to ignore Self-Care. From top management cascading down to workers at every level, we need to shift our mindset in order to build a strong and healthy workforce where individuals can thrive and be successful at every stage of their careers.

As our business grows, the team changes…

  • Has our leadership style also change with time?
  • Are we creating and providing a more supportive role to our fellow employees by being a coach, a mentor?
  • When was the last time we did a pulse check to truly listen to our people?

In our line of business and work, we work closely with organizations to re-evaluate the Human Resources Cycle and identify the real existing challenges. We address the issue of their high turnover rates and work hand in hand in their mission to shift work culture and to be more inclusive of their HR policies making that encompasses Self-Care.


Creating a healthy, caring, motivating, positive work environment together with our teams and ensuring that we build a health well-balanced life together – ONLY then can we keep a strong vibrant workforce. We have a choice on the type of lifestyle we want and the way we live, but first a culture shift must happen as an entire workforce generation.

About the Author

CLL (2)

Lian Le Chew Senior Consultant China

Lian Le has around 30 years of work experience, of which 24 years were based in various cities in China covering senior management positions in Training and Human Resources. She has extensive experience in HR management, pre-openings and worked with the Crowne Plaza in Xiamen, Jinan, Beijing; the InterContinental in Shenyang and Beijing. In the early 2000, she made her base in Beijing and was actively involved in pre-openings and opening of the Raffles Beijing Hotel and Legendale Beijing Hotel. She also worked for the China National Conventions Centre and Hotel, Regent Beijing, Park Plaza Beijing and the Peninsula Beijing.

In her roles, she covered the full range of Human Resources activities from recruitment, compensation & benefits, labour relations, performance management, total quality management, coaching & counselling, Learning & Development, succession planning, strategic HR pertaining to business impact, and also corporate training where she covered the region of China and Korea. In recognition of her contributions, she was awarded the High level Overseas Talents Award from Beijing Chaoyang District.

Lian Le holds a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Arts in Sociology from California State University. Her life’s journey is to be humble, compassionate, kind and respect the earth we live in.

Areas of Focus:

  • Talent Development
  • Work Coaching and Counseling
  • Facilitation of related courses
  • Hotel Pre-opening
  • Human Resource Management