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Testing and implementing new management model is as much an art as a science. What will be the most profitable business models in the future? What other models will rise?

“It is evident that many organisations are in need of renovation, innovation and reinvigoration. Longstanding business paradigms and underpinning practices require critical reflection in the light of fundamental societal and business developments. Some companies are addressing these challenges, many companies are not. New functional requirements often seem to be in conflict, such as transparency, stock market performance, sustainability, innovation, responsibility, time to market, stakeholders, business rationalisation and many others. These requirements force business to revise its management model. The time is right to demonstrate how the business enterprise can be re-conceptualised, and what the challenges are of fundamental strategic choices in organising a sustainable business proposition.” ( This book presents ten cases of organisations which have developed a management model that leads the organisation into the future.” (“Management Models for the Future” Editors: Jonker, Jan, Eskildsen, Jacob (Eds.) )

“Although sustainability and triple bottom-line approaches have grown into widely recognised concepts across the business world, only relatively few enterprises start with a mission that is focused on contributing to society in a social, ecological and economic sense.  Triodos Bank is an enterprise that is both value based and value driven throughout. As it name implies, the bank aims to create threefold value. And as a bank Triodos facilitates social renewal by making money available to individuales and organisations with distinct social, environmental or cultural objectives. It also aims to provide through leadership creating space for sustainability initiatives to thrive, through lobbying, publishing articles and participating in external think-tanks and commissions. Triodos Bank is built on human capital. It has a management model with people at its heart. It is a place where individuals connect and collaborate to get things done that they could not do alone. The results of this approach are clear. Its assets under management have grown strongly over the past 25 years. The services that the bank delivers have extended beyond taking savers’ deposits and providing loans, into innovative funds and private banking.”

What role social recognition can play in transforming workplace culture?

How performance management will evolve?

What does it mean to have a more human workplace?

“We need organizations that are disciplined and efficient, but also adaptable and innovative. This shouldn’t be a trade-off. After all, as human beings we wash the dishes, do the laundry, and take out the garbage – pretty mundane stuff. But we also climb mountains to watch the sun rise, cross oceans to explore different cultures, and take up new hobbies to stretch our minds. Our organizations need to be similarly versatile; and for that to happen, they must become fully human.” Dr. Gary Hamel

Is it the end of Management as we know it?

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