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The Forbes Women’s Summit of last week in Zurich was a wonderful get-together of some really impressive women. My favorite moment of the summit was the moving speech from Angela Matthes. She spoke about her own transition and how change is not something you do for yourself and it is also of high impact for the people around you, people you work with. You may have prepared yourself for many years, however for your colleagues it is something that happens one day to another. But how do you prepare an organization for your personal change? Angela showcased the need and the value of bringing your vulnerability and courage to work. She went through 150 conversation with people in her company, inviting people and talking to them about something personal. Doing this she made herself vulnerable. The space created by her vulnerability allowed people to be vulnerable themselves, sharing their stories with her. Angela won from these 150 conversations, stronger and deeper relationship than she ever had before.

As managers we sometime try to be perfect, however showing our vulnerability makes us more human and accessible, creating stronger bonds with our employees. Angela demonstrated the importance of authentic and human leadership. Women have a much more natural way to be vulnerable, it is often perceived or described as a weakness but guess what…it is absolutely not. With vulnerability comes courage. Therefore, it was extremely refreshing to be surrounded by a room full of people open to show their vulnerability to make it our strength.

Another great moment from the summit was Janina Kugel discussing the three skills needed for the future:

·      Learning attitude

·      Adaptability

·      Communication skills

How important it is for your organization to hire some people totally different than you. Building a conscious team from different backgrounds. Within a diverse team you may have more friction, more arguments but at the end it will be better results.

A manager cannot be in a position to always want to please people, you may want to be loved and liked by your family and friends however at your work you would like to be respected. Can you be liked when you have to take decisions? How can we have our organizations more open to hire people with different backgrounds because ultimately, if you have emotional intelligence, a learning attitude and are highly adaptable, these are the transferable skills needed to make the jump between industries.

Finally, I must say I was extremely amazed by Pamela Reif, model, fitness guru and entrepreneur who at the age of 23 years old made a great impression with her eloquence, confidence and go getter spirit. Some of her key messages were:

·      “Have a very good mindset” “Do it yourself, make it bigger with the help of others”.

·      “Try until you think is perfect”

·      “Rely more on yourself”

·      “All starts with very small steps…within a week it can go bigger”

This summit brought to my attention how important it is to have fun with your job, take the time for your family, friends and know and trust yourself. You are driving your own career, always be the initiator, do not let anyone break your confidence; always hold your head up high. Show humility and give credit. Don’t burn bridges, everything happens for a reason. If you want to shape the future embrace diversity and stay true to your values and purpose.

I am really grateful to the team of Forbes Dach for organizing this wonderful summit and allowing me to learn from such inspirational human beings.



Catherine Rey Sales and Marketing Manager Switzerland

Catherine joined EHL Advisory Services as Sales & Marketing Manager in 2015. Her role involves developing and implementing the EHL Advisory’s Sales & Marketing plan and promote the Advisory portfolio around the globe.

Prior to EHL she worked in the International Education industry for over 5 years both in Mexico and Switzerland, where she moved with her family in 2013. She represented in Latin America prestigious wine and spirit brands within the Hospitality industry for over 10 years. She worked closely with International Hotels, government institutions and corporate executives and multinationals and had to support them in the international implementation of their educational projects.

She is a graduate in International Business from the University of Blaise-Pascal in Clermont-Ferrand France and spent her last year of study in the University of Oklahoma Price College of Business USA. She followed several wine and spirit training both in France and Mexico. She lived in 5 different countries and enjoy multicultural environments where relationships, new ideas, innovation and original concepts are valued. She appreciates being challenged and strongly believe in enhancing the customer experience to growing the business.

While not at work, she enjoys spending time with her daughter and husband and go for long walks by the lake. She is passionate about wine and like to organize tastings of wines from different regions and countries for her family and friends.