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The Role Of An Educator

Education is no longer about knowledge, but also competencies and mind-set.

The role of an educator – be it in a classroom or in a training environment – is not limited to transmit a piece of specific knowledge to participants, but rather to equip them with the relevant skills and mind-set needed to succeed in their workplace and the society. Facilitation is the core of intellectual stimulation and the learner’s development of competencies. The course aims at providing you with a distinct methodology, a set of competencies and a shift in mind-set to help you succeed in the challenging task of “facilitating the own learning and development of their participants”.


Courses Overview



Certificate of Participation
*possibility to become a Certified Online Learning Facilitator


Course Format

Live Session
with our expert facilitators



Learning Management System


2 weeks
per certificate




CHF 750  per certificate
*plus applicable taxes per participant

Our Facilitation Skills Online Training consists of 4 online Certificate Programs that are designed to equip industry professionals and academicians with easy to implement and high-impact facilitation tools and techniques.

The 4 Certificate Programs can be taken individually or together, and in no particular order.

The completion of all 4 Certificate Programs gives you the possibility to undergo a paid evaluation to become a Certified Online Learning Facilitator.

Certificate Program Details

Connect and engage with your audience

Program Start Dates:

Start dates to be announced

Program Duration

The program shall have a runtime of 2 weeks. The dates of the interactive workshops with the expert facilitator shall be shared upon the commencement of the Certificate Program.

Program Modules 
  • Kick-off session - 30 mins (online)

Foundations Module

  • Question Techniques  - 75 mins (online)
  • Adult Learning Principles - 75 mins (online)
  • Audience Interactive Tools and Facilitation - 75 mins (online)
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback - 75 mins (online)

Specialization Module (choose one)

  • Leadership for Facilitators - 75 mins (online)
  • From Teaching to Learning - 75 mins (online)

Insights Discovery Module

  • Self-Aware Facilitator
    (Self-Awareness and Audience Connect) - 120 mins (online)

Program Fees

CHF 750.- (Swiss Francs Seven Hundred fifty) plus applicable taxes per participant


Upon successful completion of the online assessment related to your chosen certificate, you shall receive a "Certificate of Participation" issued by EHL Advisory Services on behalf of the EHL Education Group, Switzerland.

Once you have successfully completed ALL 4 Certificate Programs, you will have the opportunity to undergo a paid evaluation of your facilitation skills.

Upon successful completion of the evaluation, you will be recognized as a;

of Participation


Manifest the right presence traits and behaviors

Available Soon


Design high-impact & focused courses/training to achieve your learning objectives

Available Soon


Explore advanced facilitation techniques and methods

Available Soon



Who Should Attend The Program

Our Certificate Programs have been specifically designed for:

Ambitious faculty members of higher education institutions who wish to create a facilitative environment in their classroom to deliver high-impact learning, and industry professionals with people development and training responsibilities who wish to imbibe facilitation skills and mindset in their professional environment.


Join EHL’s Community of Facilitators

Upon successful completion of a Certificate Program, you shall become a part of EHL’s Community of Facilitators and, thereafter, have access to a wide range of benefits and services.


Benefits & Services

Upon successful completion of a Certificate Program

The Benefits & Services to join the EHL's Community of Facilitators

  • Regular updates on new Certificate Programs to further enhance your facilitation skills,
  • Updates and insights on current industry and education trends,
  • Preferential rates for selected online Certificate Programs offered by EHL Advisory Services,
  • Access to career opportunities within the VET by EHL Centers and the EHL Network of Certified Schools located globally,
  • Networking and knowledge exchange opportunities with peers from the industry and academia.

Become a Certified Online Learning Facilitator

Once you have successfully completed all the Certificate Programs, you shall have the opportunity to undergo a paid evaluation of your facilitation skills.

Upon successful completion of the evaluation, you shall become a Certified Online Learning Facilitator.

The certification awarded by EHL Advisory Services on behalf of EHL Group, Switzerland shall showcase your personal commitment towards enhancing your facilitation skills to build a high impact learning environment for your participants.

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