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Hotel de Rougemont Switzerland  is a Swiss Alpine Boutique Hotel and Spa.

The Art of Sophistication

The Hotel de Rougemont is the realisation of a passionate idea to recreate an exquisite Alpine residence in the boutique hotel style on the site of the former hotel. Discreet luxury, a tangible air of ease and an ambiance of true hospitality welcome guests from near and far. An exceptional renovation and construction project was undertaken to transform this unique place into a dream destination. At the Hotel de Rougemont, you will find a place of ease to relax and meet in the Alpine style. The approach – “chez nous – chez vous” – is as uncomplicated as it is warm. Once arrived, the guests will experience their own, very individual chalet vacation.

LHC reviewed the management contract, architectural programs and the customer experience mapping via bespoke services.